We are very thankful for our investors and proud to offer you 1$ on every 94 cents you want to invest in our services. We use this capital for our sustainable growth. Contact us for more details anytime.

How does this work?

We generate revenue through bookings of vacation rentals. Our guests book these vacations nowadays up to 2 years in advance. Normally these bookings are paid out to us (from online platforms) 10-14 days after the checkout. To be able to invest in growth we take these payouts and assign them to our investors, who then get paid out these revenues instead of us + 6,38% yield (from us, generated through the growth we could realize during the contract time) for their investment.

How risky is this?

The risk for our investors is very low, because we directly assign our revenues to our investors. The chosen bookings have IDs and are blocked from a payout to us. Additionally we „sell“ only 50% of potentially possible booking revenues, so that there are plenty of bookings in reserve if an identified booking is cancelled and no one else books the time instead.

We advice you to invest e.g. only a small amount if it’s your first investment in us, for example 10k € and if you are satisfied with the process and see that we are trusted partners you can invest anytime more.